Our Girls – Taking It Further!

A few of the IHJ girls are taking triathlon into their own hands amid the pandemic.

Chloe participated in a triathlon event in Ankeny, IA. Chloe is 9 years old and has quite a few more years with IHJ!

Finnley & Abbie are two other IHJ athletes and decided to create their own triathlon – Summer Fun Triathlon. Finnley mapped a route, swimming the lake and bike/run the neighborhood in Plattsmouth. She emailed participants, collected registrations, gathered all the supplies and even made medals!! The event had about 20 participants, as well as neighbor volunteers. It was open to all ages, even her toddler sister participated.

These three young ladies did not have the option to participate in the IHJ program due to COVID-19, but they found a way to inspire others and stay active in running, biking and swimming. Way to turn a negative into a positive gals!!

IHJ is very proud of you all and all of our girls who are practicing their running, biking, and/or swimming. We cannot wait to see you next year!

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