Bike Checks & Safety

Mandatory Bike Safety Checks will assure our athletes have a fun experience riding their bikes at Ironhawk Juniors.  (See below for our bike shop partners who will assist with Bike Safety Checks).

Safe, sound equipment is the foundation for the enjoyment of any sport.  The check-up entails:  air in the tires, ensuring brakes function properly and safely, the chain is safe and secure, the bike shifts gears well and the bike is generally sound (no clunking or creaking or anything loose). 

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BIKE, you will pick up your bike June 2nd 12:00-5:00pm on The College of St. Mary Campus and the bike will undergo a Mandatory Bike Safety Check at that time.  To keep practice moving smoothly, we require you come June 2nd for your bike assignment.  

IF YOU HAVE A BIKE, your bike will still need to undergo a Mandatory Bike Safety Check.  To keep practice moving smoothly, we require the basic safety check PRIOR to the first night of practice.  You may get this safety check at a participating local bike shop (listed below) or you may join our bike day from 12:00-5:00pm on June 2 on the College of St. Mary campus. 

Once your bike has passed the safety check, you will receive an Ironhawk Juniors License Plate to be attached to your bike for the season and you are good to start riding! 

Participating bike shops will complete a basic safety check-up & minor adjustment free of charge.  This check-up and minor adjustments are offered free of charge, but if new parts (i.e. brake pads, cables, chain, etc.) are required, shops will require compensation for replacement or significant adjustment.  Spring is a busy time for bike shops, so you may want to call ahead.  If you visit during peak times, please know you may be required to check your bike in to their service area and leave it until they have time to conduct the check-up.    

Participating shops: