Biking 101

Coach Julie and Coach Lisa would like to share some important information to get you biking safely in this nice weather!

Ensure your helmet fits properly!

Bike Activities

  1. Driveway Games:  Challenge your child to steer around small rocks or to stop before hitting a chalk line.  Once they are able ride a short obstacle course in the driveway, have them practice their hand signals as they are riding. 
  2. Cone Cornering:  Tight cornering requires that you lean the bike over a bit. To help your child practice, have her weave through a line of four or five safety cones or similar objects, each spaced about 8 feet apart. As her skill improves, encourage her to go faster, or move the cones out of a straight line so that they are staggered, and she has to turn more to get around each cone.
  3. Padded Downhill:  Find a grassy slope in a park to practice going faster and braking without skidding. Of course, a few skids can add to the fun–and improve kids’ bike-handling skills.

For Parents:

How to pump air into your bike tire