IHJ Board

Each of the IHJ founding members and current Board Members have been instrumental in bringing to fruition the vision of moving young people and changing lives. Meet your IHJ Board!

Erin Sullivan – President

I have been a longtime member of the swimming, running and biking community in Omaha. I am a U.S. Masters Swim coach, a race director, a member of the Omaha Running Club Hall of Fame and a Kona finisher. My passion has been to mentor individuals who want to get active, not just in the sport of triathlon but by any movement that works for an individual. Participation in sports has provided me with not only a feeling of accomplishment but also led to lifelong friendships and a more inclusive, supportive community.

Julie Ortman – Vice President

Jill Kestel – Secretary

Lindsay Toussant – Treasurer

Hi! I’m Lindsay and my love for sports goes back nearly 30 years. I have worked in the sporting industry since 2012 at various levels and with various sports. I work for the Omaha Sports Commission and felt teaming up with Ironhawk Juniors was a perfect fit for my passion and a great way to inspire the next generation! I just completed my FIRST triathlon in the Fall of 2019 (thanks to the help of Kari Ann) and look forward to doing more when Spring time comes!

Beyond sports, I love trying new foods, cooking, traveling and spending time with my pets.Hi! I’m Lindsay and my love for sports goes back nearly 30 years. I have worked in the sporting industry since

Sara Pierson – Marketing

Growing up as a shy, small-town South Dakota farm girl, I never considered myself to be an athlete. It wasn’t until college that I discovered a love for many sports-related activities, such as hiking, rock climbing, volleyball, yoga and lifting weights.  Accomplishing things I never thought possible provided a great boost in my self-esteem.  That is why I love the mission of Ironhawk Juniors!  Showing young girls the pride that can come from accomplishing what can seem like impossible is something I learned much later in life.  Being able to be a part of an organization that provides that opportunity for young girls is absolutely inspiring!

Michelle Bandur – Social Media & Community Outreach

When I was about the same age of our Juniors, I first learned of triathlon while watching the Ironman World Championships. I thought, “I am going to do that one day.” Although my Kona dreams haven’t come true yet, I am a six time Ironman! I have completed around 100 triathlons, and love how the sport has introduced me to incredible women and friends. I have learned to overcome challenges, work hard and live a healthy lifestyle. I want our IHJ girls to have this experience! I also am a reporter at KETV in Omaha. An anonymous viewer sent me note with a dollar bill so to “fix my big, fat nose and bags under my eyes”.  This incident shows that bullies come at all stages in our lives but that we also have the power to overcome the negative. I have used the dollar bill to inspire thousands of dollars in donations for IHJ. Together we can turn the negatives to positives!

Lisa Peters – Bike Lead

I am a lifelong runner who accidentally became a triathlete after college.  Being involved with Ironhawk Juniors and watching the IHJ athletes grow has reminded me of the joy that comes from learning the sport of triathlon, taking on new challenges, and discovering the self-confidence that comes from achieving small successes that build into larger successes.  I love being part of what I hope is a lifelong fitness journey for our IHJ athletes and witnessing the athletes grow into tomorrow’s leaders (and probably my future bosses).

Kristi Johnson – Run Lead

Kris Story – Volunteer Lead

I have been a triathlete for 10 years and absolutely love it! I started by doing the Omaha Women’s Triathlon as a total newbie. Fortunately, the race director of that race put together a series of classes on all the ins and outs of Triathlon, which made my first race fun and a success! As a result, I was hooked! I have now done dozens of Triathlons at every race distance and have raced at Kona, at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France, and at the ITU Olympic World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland. More importantly, I have gained tons of new friends and have a new appreciation for the importance of being active at any age. I love volunteering for the Ironhawk Juniors and am honored to now be serving on the board. I am excited to share my love of Triathlon with the next generation of triathletes and to see where we take this next!

Our Board in Action…