Session 2 Registration – Swim/Run

Session 2 still has only a few spots available! This 4 week training program and race day will be focused on Swimming and Running. Click the registration to sign up! (Portal opens at 10am on Monday, May 24)


Sunday, July 11th: Kickoff Day  (Equipment Distribution • Bike Skills • Group Assignments • Volunteer Orientation • Mandatory Attendance)

Thursdays, July 15th-August 5th: 6:00-7:45 p.m. Practices

Sunday, August 8th: Swim — Run Event

Registration is now open!

Registration is now open for Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club’s FREE 2021 summer program! This year’s program has been modified to keep our Juniors safe while participating in one of the following five week options:

Sunday, May 23rd – Sunday, July 27th

Sunday, July 11th – Sunday, August 8th

Registration will be open until May 9th (or until maximum participant numbers are met)!  Because of COVID restraints, participant numbers will be limited, so register early!

Click HERE to read more details and register.

Who is ready to play Bingo?

Due to COVID, we had to cancel the in-person Winter Reunion. HOWEVER, we have come up with a winter game to keep you moving! Bingo anyone?

Below is the Bingo Card and a letter with instructions on how to play. If you did not receive this via email, please reach out to us at and we will send this to you. We cannot wait to see your creativity at work and completed Bingo cards!

Remember: To win Bingo you can do the activities in the 4 corners, down a column, across a row or the diagonals.

Giving Tuesday

Click the photo to donate!

Giving Tuesday is December 1, 2020 in Omaha, however, you can start giving now! The IHJ Board, participating girls and volunteers want to thank you for your support and donation. Without a giving community and your donation, we could not impact and serve these young ladies. Please encourage others to support our cause as we prepare to make a safe environment and program this coming Summer!

Inspirational Story – Erin Sullivan

Published by USA Triathlon

I share my Power Within every day by encouraging others to discover their own power. My power is their power. – Erin Sullivan, IHJ President

She never thought she could do it. A triathlon, that is. She knew she was a decent swimmer, and she knew how to ride a bike. She eventually took up running so she could complete a marathon, and ultimately found herself here, on the start line of a triathlon.

Erin Sullivan inspires others to take part in triathlon. She delights in sharing that feeling of possibility with those around her, so they can take on new challenges and achieve their goals. 

That’s how Erin has always been. Of all the races in which she’s competed, the ones she enjoys the most are when she’s racing with a new triathlete — staying alongside them through the whole course, regardless of the finishing place or time.

She watches as members of the Omaha, Nebraska-based Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club — a free program for girls ages 8-14 — cross the finish line of a local race. She’s elated for these kids, proud of the positive impact she’s had on their lives as a volunteer. Her heart swells when she thinks about their journey; how many of them could never have imagined completing a triathlon before they were offered the training, resources and support to do so.

Erin often looks back on the athletes who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to accomplish a goal: The person who was afraid of water and just swam his first 25 yards in a pool, or the person who never imagined riding a bike more than once around the block who just completed her first 10-mile ride. It’s a reminder for Erin that we all build each other up, and that you never know who you may be inspiring each time you step out the door to swim, bike or run.

She smiles as she reminiscences, hoping she can continue to inspire the kids, race volunteers and parents for years to come.

The Hunt Is On!

Here are a few things to remember as you participate in the IHJ Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

  1. The Scavenger Hunt begins Friday, August 7 and ends on Sunday, August 16.
  2. There are 7 items on the list for you to “find”. Your goal is to find at least 5 of the things on the list. Be creative. Think outside of the box. What does find water mean to you?
  3. Take a photo of yourself or have someone else take a photo of you with the found item. You can then email the photos to or upload them to the Ironhawk Juniors Facebook event page. Click on the unicorn below to go directly to our Facebook event page to post your photos.
  4. If you are unable to take photos, no worries, just send an email and let us know which items you have found.

Here’s the list – remember, your goal is to have fun and find at least 5 but try for all 7:   

  1. Find some water
  2. Pedal around (helmet required, no bike necessary)
  3. Run. Skip. Jump
  4. Find a unicorn
  5. Find the Ironhawk Junior Logo
  6. Encourage someone with a sign
  7. Find a healthy snack